Be prepared to get wet at Sunshine’s Slush Cup. Photo: Courtesy of Sean Hannah/Sunshine Village

Sunshine Village is one of Canada’s oldest and most beloved ski areas. Located in Banff National Park in Alberta, Sunshine is an endearing family-run ski resort that is part of the SkiBig3 and Mountain Collective.

Although Sunshine is not super corporate, they feature world-class terrain and breathtaking scenery … and next week they are celebrating their 90th Annual Slush Cup.

Anything goes at Slush Cup. Photo: Courtesy of Sunshine Village

Due to Sunshine’s elevation (7,200 feet) and locale (tucked-in on the Continental Divide), they always have enough snow to hold their annual Slush Cup in the spring, which happens every May Long Monday (this year, May 21).

Slush Cup started as the ski resort’s yearly closing party for staff in the 1920s, but was too much fun to keep to themselves.

Spring of 1965 at Sunshine. Photo: Courtesy of Sunshine Village

Over the years, Slush Cup has evolved from a smaller family gathering to a huge party – and the all the colorful skiing antics were in full effect even 90 years ago.

Of course, the main attraction now-a-days is the pond skimming. Each year there are a few brave folks who will attempt to ski or ride across the pond, which always inevitably includes hilariously epic fails and goofy shenanigans.

Like we said, anything goes at Slush Cup. Photo: Courtesy of Sunshine Village

Most years, the temperature will be warm enough that everyone can ride and ski in t-shirts, tank tops and even swimsuits. More wacky outfits come out as well, making great material for Jerry of the Day.

As they say in the Rockies, anything goes during Slush Cup.

If you’re near Banff National Park, this is certainly an event worth visiting.

Sunbathing and skiing, yup it is a thing at Sunshine. Photo: Courtesy of Sunshine Village

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