An unidentified skier unknowingly lost his handgun when crashing on a run

An unidentified skier unknowingly lost his handgun when crashing on a run. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

An unidentified skier carrying a loaded handgun crashed hard during a run and unknowingly lost the firearm in the snow at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Wyoming.

An off-duty employee of the ski resort later discovered the weapon when skiing over it in Dick’s Ditch. The gun-savvy employee rendered the Taurus 9mm safe and turned it over to security, which in turn gave it to a Teton County Sheriff’s Office deputy, according to Jackson Hole News & Guide.

“We do not recommend that folks bring weapons on the mountain,” Jon Bishop, who manages risk and safety programs for the resort, told the Jackson Hole News & Guide. “We recommend different kinds of safety equipment.”

Lt. Slade Ross of the sheriff’s office said police receive lost-and-found firearms a couple times a year, but neither he nor Bishop ever remember a handgun being lost on the slopes.

After crashing, the man skied off not knowing the handgun fell out of his shoulder rig. He reported it missing and later got it back after it was confirmed through the serial number that it was his.

“When a gun is found and somebody calls in and says, ‘We found a gun,’ we run it to see that it’s not stolen or anything like that,” Ross told the Jackson Hole News & Guide. “We were able to reunite him with the gun.”

The skier was within his rights under the Second Amendment and Wyoming law to carry the firearm, and the resort doesn’t have any rules against carrying guns. But the incident last week sparked discussion among Jackson Hole officials on whether the resort should ban weapons.

However, Anna Cole, a resort spokeswoman, told the Jackson Hole News & Guide it would be difficult to prohibit skiers from carrying firearms, saying, “Wyoming law says people can carry guns.”

“I don’t think we’re prepared to ban weapons on the mountain, though we do have an expectation that people behave reasonably with their choices,” Bishop added. “It’s discouraging to see this kind of thing happen. It’s within people’s rights to carry guns, but it’s an incredible liability to lose a weapon.”

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