Ski and Snowboard Team Challenges Go Down at Dew Tour with Stacked Rosters

It was a perfect Sunday for the Team Challenges.

Words and photos from our friends at Dew Tour

It was a perfect sunny Sunday for the Team Challenge event on the final day of Dew Tour. Today's schedule was all about fun and progression to close out a jam-packed week, which included Olympic qualifying events for U.S. Ski & Snowboard Olympic freeskiing and snowboarding and Canadian Snowboard Slopestyle.

Danny Davis represented Team Burton. Photo: Dew Tour

The Team Challenge is unique to Dew Tour, which features six teams representing endemic brands in skiing and snowboarding that compete against one another on a three-part course including a pipe, jib and jumps section. Snowboard companies Burton, Nitro, Salomon, Rome, Ride and DC and ski companies Faction, Armada, Head, Atomic, Volkl and K2 were represented this year.

First up were the six best teams in snowboarding going head-to-head on the modified Superpipe, complete with several rails on the last few hits, the slopestyle jibs and jumps sections. Each team chose one rider to compete in each discipline with the best combined score taking the Dew Tour Team Title.

After a back-and-forth battle between the brands, it was Team Rome who officially took the win with a 264.65 out of possible 300 points. Rene Rinnekangas (FIN) got the highest score in the pipe, taking Rome into the jib section in a solid spot.

Streetstyle overall and best trick winner Ozzy Henning (USA) secured third place on the jibs, still leaving it any team’s game heading into the jumps section. It was then Stale Sandbech's (NOR) time to do his thing on the jumps, where he landed a 1620 on the last jump for a 93.33 - the highest score of the day.

"This is by far one of the best events and I am so proud of this team," said Rome Team Manager Matt Stillman. "It was so fun to watch the crews battle it out and we're already looking forward to coming back next year to reclaim our title."

Team Rome prevails. Photo: Dew Tour

Team Burton ended less than three points behind Rome, taking second place honors and Team Nitro went home with third.

The skiers went next with Team Volkl leaving as champions with a score of 258.98 out of 300. Hunter Hess (USA) started off the event with the highest score in the pipe. Nick Goepper (USA) showcased his talents in the jib section, coming in second. Goepper took on double duty in the jumps section and he officially locked up the win, scoring an 88.66.

"This is such a great concept for our sport," said Goepper. "We don't have a team event like this in any other contest. I'm just super excited to put it together and couldn't be more stoked for Team Volkl!"

Team Armada claimed second with Team Atomic rounding out the podium in third.

Team Challenge Snowboard Results

1. Rome- Rene Rinnekangas (Pipe) 86.66, Ozzy Henning (Jibs) 84.33, Stale Sandbech (Jumps) 93.66, Total 264.65

2. Burton- Danny Davis (Pipe) 83.00, Red Gerard (Jibs) 87.00, Mark McMorris (Jumps) 92.00, Total 262.00

3. Nitro- Jan Scherrer (Pipe) 70.00, Marcus Kleveland (Jibs) 81.00, Marcus Kleveland (Jumps) 90.33, Total 241.33

Team Challenge Ski Results

1. Volkl- Hunter Hess (Pipe) 78.66, Nick Goepper (Jibs) 91.66, Nick Goepper (Jumps) 88.66, Total 258.98

2. Armada- Torin Yater-Wallace (Pipe) 74.00, Quinn Wolferman (Jibs) 90.00, Henrik Harlaut (Jumps) 87.00, Total 251.00

3. Atomic- Miguel Portes (Pipe) 73.00, Gus Kenworthy (Jibs & (Jumps-round 2)) 91.66, Nick Keefer (Jumps) 83.66, Total 248.32

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