On Sunday, an excited dog ran onto the track at the final World Cup cross-country skiing event of the season, briefly chasing the three leaders in the race, much to the delight of the crowd and commenters announcing the event.

According to the Canadian Press, the incident occurred on the third of four laps of the 15 kilometer course in Quebec, when the dog got loose and chased after Johannes Hoesflot Klaebo, Alex Harvey and Niklas Dyrhaug.

Though the playful pup gave pursuit for about 10 seconds — per NBC Olympics — it quickly lost interest in the racers and the event was able to carry on with no delays.

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“It happens in cycling races, but I’ve never seen it in skiing,” Harvey, who finished in second behind Kaebo, told the Canadian Press of the dog. “It just makes the story even better because luckily no one crashed or got hurt.”

And the incident seems to have amused more than just casual fans of the sport, as two-time Olympic champion cross-country skier Justyna Kowalczyk took to Twitter to post an amusing shot of the incident.