Local skier Sam Cox sharing some local knowledge with Marcus Caston. Photo: Courtesy of Visit Montana

Stepping into some new terrain that you’ve never explored is an exciting feeling for any outdoor enthusiast. For professional skier Marcus Caston, he certainly found some fresh experiences during his first visit to Bridger Bowl, Montana.

“I’ve never been to Bridger [Bowl] before, but I’ve heard a lot about Bridger from my Montana friends, so I had an idea of what to expect, but it really just blew away my expectations,” says Caston. “It’s the real deal.”

Caston thoroughly enjoying opening day at Bridger Bowl. Photo: Courtesy of Visit Montana

Caston came out to Bridger to meet up with his friend Brianna Moore, a musician, artist, and skier who has been living in Southwest Montana for the last eight years.

“A huge appeal for skiing Bridger Bowl is living in Bozeman. It’s such a short drive,” says Moore.

Caston and Moore arrived for opening day at Bridger Bowl, and everyone was hyped. The whole scene was buzzing and they were ready to shred the mountain.

So many good spots to explore at Bridger on any given day. Photo: Courtesy of Visit Montana

“Opening day is always special. Just running into all of the old friends that I haven’t seen in awhile,” says Moore. “There’s such a strong sense of ski community here.”

“Bridger is the most unique mountain that I’ve ever skied at,” Moore continues. “There’s always somewhere new to explore.”

While skiing, Caston and Moore ran into another local skier from Bozeman, Sam Cox. According to Caston, Cox “literally wrote the guidebook about Bridger Bowl,” which he did in a book called Stepping Up: A Locals Guide to the Ridge at Bridger Bowl.

Local skier Sam Cox showing the crew how it’s done at Bridger. Photo: Courtesy of Visit Montana

“Bridger, it’s definitely got an eclectic style because it’s kind of a melting pot,” says Cox. “It’s a pretty tight-knit community.”

With roughly a couple hundred people coming out to ski Bridger on most days, Cox emphasizes that it’s simply a bunch of people getting together to enjoy a passion that they all share, “They like to ski pow.”

“It’s really nice to know that places like this exist,” says Caston. “I can’t wait to come back year after year.”

Great way to end an epic day at Bridger. Photo: Courtesy of Visit Montana

For any skier frothing to get waist deep into some powder, or "cold smoke" as Bridger calls it, Bridger Bowl should most certainly be on the bucket list.

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