Skiing icon Lindsey Vonn stopped by the Dan Patrick Show on Wednesday to promote her new book Strong Is the New Beautiful, and during the interview Vonn revealed that she might be in favor of keeping skiers and snowboarders separate on the slopes:

“I mean, maybe. There are places that only allow skiers,” Vonn said when asked if snowboarders and skiers should have separate mountains.

“Snowboarders are difficult because you guys camp out and you adjust your bindings and you’re in the middle of the trail and you can only see from one side,” she continued. “So it’s really difficult for [skiers] to maneuver and know what’s going on.”

When pressed by Dan Patrick to be more definitive in her statement, Vonn was more concise.

“I’m trying to be politically correct,” the winningest female alpine skier of all time joked. “I do like snowboarders, but it would be super great if we could have a little separation.”

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For reference, there are only three ski resorts in the United States where snowboarding is still banned: The Alta and Deer Valley resorts in Utah and Mad River Glen in Vermont.

Earlier this year, a federal appeals court ruled Alta was within its legal rights to continue banning snowboarders.

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The interview had some other memorable moments. At one point Patrick tried to ask Vonn how much an hour of ski instruction from her would cost, but due to unfortunate phrasing, it sounded like the radio host was propositioning her:

And later in the interview she agreed to arm wrestle with Patrick’s sidekick, Andrew “Mclovin” Perloff:

But Vonn also touched on serious topics.

She noted that she wanted to be a positive role model for young girls and hoped her book could help her with that.

And she referenced that having a spotlight on her personal and romantic life — seemingly alluding to her past relationship with Tiger Woods — hasn’t always been easy.

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“I think it’s been difficult with who I've dated in the past being on a different stage and being in the public eye.” Vonn recalled a time she had been stalked by photographers. “[I was] walking on the beach and I didn't see anyone. And a few hours later there’s pictures [online] of me walking on the beach. That scares me.”

Vonn’s new book, Strong Is the New Beautiful: Embrace Your Natural Beauty, Eat Clean and Harness Your Power is available now from HarperCollins Publishers.

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