One of the harsh realities of ski filmmaking is that, regardless of how talented you are as a skier, if you don’t find some original way to market your edit, you could put together a clip of nonstop bangers and it still might get lost in the ether of countless other similar internet edits.

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That’s why Candide Thovex’s imaginative edits always break the internet and why Nicolas Vuignier — the Swiss freeskier and filmmaker recently quoted in POWDER as saying trick progression has plateaued in the sport — goes to painstaking lengths to create his viral videos, like tying an iPhone to a sling and using it to create a centrifuge of sorts.

And so, it’s in that vein that French freeskier Mathieu Bijasson released his new night skiing edit “Moon Line” on Monday:

The video’s description notes that the three-minute night skiing edit is meant to revolve around the 30-year-old Bijasson’s renewed outlook on life as the father to a baby girl.

Is it a stretch to say that strapping LED lights to your poles and sticks and going night skiing is somehow representative of the immense feelings of responsibility brought on by becoming a new father? Perhaps.

night skiing

LED lights and night skiing make for an incredibly relaxing experience.

But the smooth pacing of the videography set to a spaced-out soundtrack composed by the Les Cosmonotes music production company in France, does achieve a certain amount of sublime, tranquility in its 210-second run time. And that’s worth something.

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