As you might have heard, it has been an epic season for snowfall in the western United States, with many resorts setting records for their highest snow totals in history.

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That powder hasn’t just been contained to resorts; many areas that don’t typically receive a ton of snowfall have been inundated with the white stuff. And that gave 15-year-old freeskiing wunderkind Cody LaPlante an idea: What if he was to travel to the ghost town of Bodie, California, to build a once-in-a-lifetime terrain park.

The results, posted by Red Bull on Thursday, are absolutely beautiful:

It all went down at the end of February with the help of the California Department of Parks and Recreation (Bodie is registered as a historic state park) and a snowmobile.

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LaPlante made the 13-mile jaunt to the abandoned 1850s mining town via snowmobile and — under the supervision of State Parks Peace Officer Joshua Heitzmann — built a series of jumps and features throughout the town.

cody laplante ghost town bodie ghost town

There’s no need to jockey with the crowds at your local terrain park when you can just build your own in a ghost town. Photo: Courtesy of Celin Serbo/Red Bull

“Since I’ve been working at Bodie, this is the most snow I’ve ever seen here,” Heitzmann told Red Bull. “For Cody to be able to come out here and do this is very, very unique.”

For LaPlante, the opportunity to throw backflips and cork 360s amidst the backset of 200 abandoned buildings frozen in time was something he won’t soon forget.

cody laplante ghost town bodie ghost town

Why go mining when the ground is covered in feet of white gold? Photo: Courtesy of Celin Serbo/Red Bull

“Doing interesting and urban skiing projects like this really helps progress the sport,” LaPlante told Red Bull. “I want to be a part of that.”