Today is sorta like Christmas for any skier — or heck, even anyone with a heartbeat. It’s the day when professional skier/stuntman Candide Thovex drops his latest ridiculous edit.

But his new addition to his video catalog is unlike any other before it. For this one, Thovex took aim at skiing different terrains without snow all over the world. The result is quite incredible.

Saying Thovex raised the bar yet again would be an understatement. The French skier handles sand, jungle, grassy hills, the Great Wall of China and even waves in this newest edit — these are not normal slopes a skier is supposed to ski down.

But Thovex exhibits precise skill on each of these tough terrains. Essentially showing off that he doesn’t need snow to make a crazy good ski edit, Thovex takes us to all corners of the world for another special ride.

Candide Thovex surfing on skis.

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