On Monday, a young boy at the Sundance Mountain Resort in Utah snagged his backpack on the chairlift, leaving him dangling above the slopes at Sundance by a single strap of his bag.

This forced ski patrol to jump into action to avoid a potentially dangerous outcome:

Ultimately, ski patrol responded quickly and was able to rescue the boy unharmed.

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Another interesting piece of information is that the exact same situation unfolded at the same resort less than three weeks prior:

That second video comes from a separate incident in which a young skier was also caught by the straps on his backpack just four days prior to Christmas last month. He too, was successfully rescued by ski patrol at Sundance uninjured.

At the time of the first incident Czar Johnson — the director of mountain operations at Sundance — told Fox13 that it’s not entirely uncommon for people to have items of clothing snag on chairlifts.

“People get caught up in chairlifts with backpacks and even ski jackets and ski poles and helmets. It does happen,” Johnson told Fox13 at the time.

He also warned the news station that Sundance asks skiers and snowboarders to avoid carrying backpacks because they pose a heightened risk of snagging on the lift. After the latest incident, it would seem that Johnson’s advice was fairly prescient.