An angry moose was filmed charging a lift line over the weekend at Alyeska Resort in Girdwood, Alaska, getting dangerously close to skiers and snowboarders waiting to ride up the mountain:

(The action starts at 1:55)

The video, which has been licensed by the ViralHog social content distribution company, shows the close call with skiers and riders waiting for the mid-mountain Glacier Bowl Express lift.

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Per the YouTube video’s description, the person who filmed the rogue moose said that the experience with the huge animal went from awe-inspiring to terrifying rather quickly.

“At first it was just another novel Alaskan moment. The sunset had started and to have a moose walking around with the view was fun and a spectacle of sorts,” the YouTube description reads. “But the skiers kept on doing what they do, skiing into that side of the lift queue. The moose was already rather upset and had no great options for movement given the nature of the queue and the natural terrain.”

“Skiers were following the trail around a heavy traffic area into where the moose was standing,” the description continued. “The moose decided to defend its ground as moose do and charged. We had people that were not fully aware they were in danger and children in the line to catch the lift when it charged the first time.”

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Moose, much like skiers, apparently aren’t too keen on long lift lines.

The description says that, after charging a second time before it could be coaxed out of the area by resort staff and lift operators. It also mentions that the moose was later seen further down the mountain walking towards The Hotel Alyeska.

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Unfortunately for the moose, this story does not have a happy ending: According to KTUU, on Sunday, resort staff from Alyeska Resort decided to euthanize the moose because it had been involved in multiple troubling run-ins throughout the week, including an incident Wednesday where it kicked an employee.

Per resort staff, the euthanized moose was sent to a family in the nearby town of Indian so it could be harvested for meat.