Get ready for another winter of triple cork madness. It seems that every winter another rotation gets added. Well, if what just happened in Australia is any precursor to the 2016/2017 winter, then we’re in for a treat.

At the One Hit Wonder Down Under big air freeski event, 17-year-old Alex Hall stomped the world’s first-ever switch triple cork 1800. That’s three inversions while spinning around 5 full times after having started off the jump switch.

NEWSCHOOLERS was on hand and put out a spoof missing person’s ad for Hall, saying he jetted straight into the future: “Any information regarding the year in which Alex has ended up, his whereabouts, or indeed the location of the mysterious Delorean would be gratefully received.”

While us normal people would have vomited up our lunches after the first spin, Hall is merely just getting started (and yes he took the win for the world first). What he’s got in store for the future of skiing will be exciting to see. And other skiers of the world, the bar has just been raised so use this winter to get up onto Hall’s rotation level!

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