There had been Brandon Westgate talk in the skate industry for some time, but it wasn’t until the release of the Emerica video, Stay Gold, that the talking turned into a scream. The unique, big and fast way that he skates has been no secret for years to anyone in the know.

He made his first major video appearance in the 2004 Volcom video, Chichagof. Then, skateboarding saw a fully mature Westgate in the 2008 release of the Zoo York video, State of Mind.

The Westgate chatter had begun. Then it happened, the Stay Gold intro ended, the curtain opened, and there he was throwing down one of the meanest sections in years. The part where he’s cruising down that hill in San Francisco and just olling peoples front yards at top speed is just unreal.

Well, CCS sat down a few industry heavyweights to talk Westgate. Praise from The Chief (Jamie Thomas) and The Boss (Andrew Reynolds); it doesn’t get much better than that. And in between Ryan Sheckler, Zarred Basset and Eli Reed all give props. Check it out below: