A famous saying muttered by sports fans and journalists alike while watching the declining performance of an aging superstar is that “Father Time is undefeated.”

But on Monday, 48-year-old skateboarding icon Tony Hawk sought out to prove that age is nothing but a number by successfully landing a 900 in the halfpipe exactly 17 years to the day after landing the first-ever 900 on a skateboard at the 1999 Summer X Games.

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And, as shown in the viral video below, presented by the RIDE Channel, despite numerous painful falls along the way Hawk was successful in his attempt (take note of the emphatic helmet toss at the end):

“Here is a 900 at age 48 (exactly 17 years after my first), just to see if I could still do it,” Hawk wrote on a Facebook post showing his stunt. “Sincere thanks to Nixon & MINI for believing in this aging skateboarder for so many years. And thanks to all of you for allowing me to live this dream much longer than I ever imagined.”

As showcased in an Instagram post, the middle-aged Hawk was wearing the battle wounds of his endeavor with pride after successfully turning back the clocks and proving he can still skate a halfpipe as well as anyone around:

And that tenacity was appreciated by the action sports community, who took to Instagram en masse to praise Hawk:

@tonyhawk holy shit. This is awesome and amazing. 900 at 48 years old! Full edit in Tony's bio. @birdhouseskateboards @grampagram

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To relive the excitement of his historic first 900, check out the video below:

After landing the 900 and tossing off all of his gear, Hawk hugs his son Spencer in the video before declaring that will be the last 900 he will ever land.

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