Words and Photos: Aaron Smith

DC Shoes and Jocob Rosenberg had a screening of their documentary on Danny Way “Waiting For Lighting“. Hands down the most amazing film I’ve seen in skateboarding. It will bring you to the reason you started skating and the reason you’re still in love with it. The who’s who of the skateboard, snowboard, surf, motocross, and celebrity industry made it down to the Arclight Theater in Hollywood to see the screening. Check out the photos from the night.

Pre gaming at the Roosevelt poolside bar before the screening.

The Roosevelt Hotel is pretty badass.

Try to find this photo somewhere else. Honestly, I think we’re the only ones that were able to get a photo of Danny Way and Tommy Lee. Pretty sick.

DC Shoes owner Ken Block is getting amped to see his boy Danny’s video.

So many people came out to see the screening of Waiting For Lighting.

Even more people behind me waiting to get there tickets.

Going to be honest, this is hands down the best and most moving film I’ve seen in a long time. It made me so proud to be apart of skateboarding. Thank you Danny Way!

Danny Way giving a little speech after the film.

The man behind the film, Jacob Rosenberg. He did an amazing job!

Ben Kelly holding down the screening and making sure everything and everyone is going ok. The guy must have pounded some brews after this madness was over!

DC Shoes Am Davis Torgerson and his sweetheart Kimmye.

DC filmmaker Chris Ray and his sweetheart Davis Torgerson.

If you don’t know who this legend is then you have no business being on a skateboard.

One of the best skateboard photographers and the image maker for DC Shoes, Mike Blabac. One of the best dudes out!

Two pinnacle DC riders Josh Kalis and Matt Miller.

Back to the hotel for some night moves.

Things are getting wild back here at the Roosevelt.

The Hensley’s. Matt and Des. Great people!

The man behind the lens during the DC Video Greg Hunt and his lady.

Sk8Mafia made it out!

Another legendary skateboarder Jeremy Wray.

Chad Dinena from Nixon.

Good way to end this post with the Taylor’s. Mikey and Jen. Great night!