Words and Photos: Aaron Smith

The Vans Bowl-A-Rama went down in NYC this past weekend and it was nuts. It was amazing to see the top pros and legends skate this bowl like it's nothing. I don't normally shoot skating like this but when I do get to experience it in person it's like watching your first skate video. Everything blows your mind. Having the contest in New York City was the icing on the cake.

Watching the Master Division was an amazing experience. All these guys have made such a bug impact in skateboarding and they are still doing it today. The crowd LOVED them. We get spoiled here in California where we run into these people all the time. New York rarely is able to see legends like this.

Pat Ngoho.

Pat Ngoho as Duane Peters films.

Duane Peters pep talk.

Duane was killing it by making everyone stoked. He didn’t care that his pants were half way down his ass.

Christian Hosoi, Jeff Grosso and Omar Hassan.

Jamie Hart, the Vans TM.

Lance Mountain.

Eddie Elguera.

Mike McGill.

Steve Caballero.

Christian Hosoi.

Christian Hosoi.

Pat Ngoho stoked.

Lance Mountain stoked.

Tony Magnusson.

Lance Mountain.

The crowd loved Lance.

Mike McGill.

Christian Hosoi.

Lance Mountain.

Steve Caballero and Jeff Grosso.

Steve Van Doren and Christian Hosoi.

Lance Mountain, Steve Caballero, Jeff Grosso and Mike McGill.

The top three. Third Place – Eddie Elguera (middle), Second Place – Steve Caballero (left), First Place – Lance Mountain (right).

The winner, Lance Mountain. And thanks to Vans again for flying me out and hooking it up proper.