Words & Photos: Jaime Owens
Forever Young
A Tribute To Van Wastell

It’s hard to believe that it’s been three years since Van Wastell passed away. And while the skate world lost an amazing skater, he hasn’t been forgotten. In honor of his memory, Van’s family and friends gathered this past Saturday night at Skatelab skatepark where Van was a local. Many paid tribute to their friend, brother and son by having a big ole bowl session and enjoying great photos of Van that lined the wall. While a video compilation of Van’s video parts played on two TVs, it made me long to see “new footage” of Van and think of how much he had to offer in skateboarding and life. We miss him dearly, and our thoughts still go out to his family and friends. Van Wastell forever!

Skatelab was the host to the memorial jam.

Van’s brother Eddie Villa, Skatelab owner Todd Huber and Mikey Taylor.

Eddie telling Mikey about all the great photos that were displayed.

Deluxe sent down a bunch of Van posters.

Peabody, Mike Anderson and John Alden.

Limited Van T-shirts were handed out to everyone that came out.

Van’s brother Kurt was slaying the bowl.

Manderson, backside Smith through the corner.

DVS’s Gabe Clement, rock ‘n’ roll.

Eddie Villa got some air time too, body jar.

Kurt was going real fast. Tailslide.

Peabody blasting in the deep in.

I love this part. Van Wastell Forever!