Ultraskating, which involves insane feats of human strength most people wouldn’t dream of attempting, has been quietly gaining momentum in skateboarding.

Also called long distance pushing, ultraskating is an endurance skateboarding race usually held on longboards.

In February, Andrew Andras skated a staggering 309.5 miles in 24 hours during the Miami Ultraskate competition.

Shockingly, he wasn’t the only skateboarder to top 300 miles. Eric Palmer landed in second after skating 305 miles in the same period.

The event was held at the Homestead Speedway where nearly 100 riders raced along a 1.46-mile track.

While the Miami event was grueling, there are a handful of shorter events across the country like the upcoming Bend Beatdown. Riders can choose between a 5K and a 10K race through Bend, Oregon.

The sport has a governing body, The Skate International Distance and Supercross Association, or Skate IDSA, which sanctions events.

The first official 24-hour event was held nearly a decade ago in 2007.

The sport draws a lot of parallels to ultrarunning, a sport that many people believed was for lunatics but now has its own magazine.

Barefoot Ted, an ultrarunner, even held a record in ultraskating in 2008 when he went 242 miles in 24 hours.

The sport uses a longer, lower skateboard with softer wheels for more stability in longer rides.

If the sport’s popularity trajectory is anything like ultrarunning, it will be one to watch over the coming years.

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