Once artist Mac Premo was asked to take part in an upcylcing challenge, it only took him a matter of seconds to decide on the project.

He wanted to do something he was passionate about and immediately decided upon building upcycled skateboards.

The result is the Bucket Board, which uses scrap wood and scrap plastic from plastic buckets.

Last year, Premo teamed up with home carpenter and skateboard manufacturer Don Sanford to create 40 skateboards out of trash.

Sanford builds custom homes for a living and realized all the waste produced in building homes could be recycled and given a new life.

Bucket Board

The Bucket Board is made out of upcycled buckets.

Each board is made out of two buckets and scrap wood.

They teamed up with nonprofit Stoked, which teaches self-reliance through board sports to give the boards away to 20 underprivileged kids in Los Angeles and 20 in New York City.

The kids tested them out and Premo called it a success.

“We think it went pretty well,” he said in a video.

They’re now looking into manufacturing the boards to sell to the public.

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