1. Go-to-trick:

2. Best ramps:
DC Ramp, Bob's Mega, and Tony's ramp.

3. X Games memory:
Skating Park in Barcelona and making cut to finals. Gold at Asia X Games was pretty cool also.

4. DC teammate:
Danny Way, Colin McKay, and Jagger Eaton.

5. Thing to do when not skating:

6. Video part of all time:
Bob Burnquist in Flip's Extremely Sorry.

7. Website (non-skate one):
YouTube – anything funny

8. Band all-time:
Black Keys

9. Guilty pleasure:
VG's Donuts

10. Fast food order:
In-N-Out: 2 plain cheeseburgers, fries and large chocolate shake.

11. Movie quote:
Any line from Step Brothers.

12. Dream non-skate sponsor:

13. Things about being the first one to do a 1080 on a skateboard:
Awesome, still shocked I landed it!

14. Way to spend your money:
Surfboards for now, too young to buy cars yet!

15. Thing to get for free:

16. Board graphic:
Board Element made me for my first X Games.

17. Dream skate trip:

18. Current skate trend:
Web videos.

19. Partner in crime:
Alex Sorgente, Justin Rivera and my brother.

20. Book:
The Giver” by Lois Lowry.

21. Question to be asked at a demo:
"Can you do the 1080 today?"

22. Beverage:
Red Bull & Chocolate Shakes (not together).

23. Next big milestone:
For sure a Stale 900, been working on this for a while. Down the road, who knows, maybe a 1260…but can it be done, time will tell…

24. iPhone app:
Instagram (@tomschaar)

25. Thing about skateboarding:
Best with friends.

Tom’s Sponsors:
Element Skateboards
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Red Bull
Bones Swiss Bearings
Type S Wheels
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