Frontside 5-0 gap out
Photo: Aaron Smith

1. Warm up trick:
Front shuvs are fun to do at the beginning of the day.

2. Latino skateboarders:
Gabriel de la mora, Vincent Alvarez, Ramiro salcedo, Paolo Diaz, Henry Sanchez

3. Video to watch before you go skate:
The Reason

4. Non-skate site:

5. Skate site:
Usually check Skateboarder & other skate related websites.

6. Movie:
Dumb & Dumber is too damn funny

7. Quote:
“So much get there.”

8. Album:
Rubberband Band Business

9. Thing to hate on:
People who go out of their way to fuck up the sesh. And the “popo’s” no good.

10. Guilty pleasure:
It’s a new year, I quit biting my nails.

11. Thing about riding for Chocolate:
It’s been my favorite company since day one and now meeting and skating with all the Dons has been fuckin’ surreal.

12. éS trip memory:
Lil Stony passing out while throwing up in a cup, later to get spilled all over the van floor. We were in the back and all of a sudden everyone up front called out the stench, it got all over Kelly’s shoes and all the boards. Scuba had to hose down the van. Oh yeah, all the hackie sacking was great too!

13. Person to skate with:
Spliffmode All-Star Homies, Silent homies, OB homies.

14. Member of the Girl-Choco family:
Cheeks holds it down pretty hard, dood.

15. Thing to get for free:
Free skateboards!

16. Meal:
Chuletas enchipocladas, chiles rellenos, y enchiladas verdes

17. Beverage:

18. Place to travel to:

19. Way to spend your money:
Tech decks & skate videos

20. Famous female:
Scarlett Johansson

21. Current pros:
Vincent Alvarez and Guy Mariano

22. Current ams:
Josh Matthews and Tony Karr

23. Song from a skate video:
Jake Donelly’s Real part

24. Marc Johnson memory:
Backside 180 lateflip this bump to gap. It was the first trick I’ve saw him do in person.

25. Thing about skateboarding:
You’re always with your buds when you’re skating.

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