Frontside ollie
Photo: Jon Coulthard

1. Way to start the day:
Take a slam.

2. Way to end the day:
Ride away clean.

3. Warm up trick:

4. Place to travel to:
Wherever you go, there you are.

5. Travel companion:
The wife.

6. Class you took in college:
It’s a toss up between celestial motion (I pity the fool that finds Kepler’s laws boring), stellar evolution (from nebulous beginnings to Schwarzchild radius endings and all the thermodynamic, heavy element manufacturing in between, what’s not to love?) , linear algebra (the only ‘A’ grade I received, model student I was not.)

7. Thing about having a college degree:
People assume you’re intelligent.

8. Story from or about Chief:
During the grueling process of filming an acceptable trick I think it’s reasonable to suggest that the jukebox inside his head might play, in this order, Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins, I Won’t Back Down by Tom Petty and, finally Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Out of those I’d bet my last dollar the tune he’d take most issue with would be Danger Zone.

9. Question to be asked at a demo:
Is that Jimmy Carlin? Kid points at Keegan. Or sitting down, drenched in sweat after skating for 2 hours, foot screams in pain after primoing varial heel attempt down 6 stair, kid asks, “Why aren’t you skating?”

10. Thing about Scotland:

11. Thing about California:
Designed for cars.

12. Type of physics:
Geophysics and general relativity.

13. Author:
J.G. Ballard, Kurt Vonnegut, Frank Herbert, Robert Heinlein, David Foster Wallace, Ian Mcewan and many more.

14. Poet:
Norman MacCaig

15. Musical group:
Rock McCrank

16. Movie:
Dune, Brazil, Apocalypse Now, The Princess Bride.

17. Comedian:
Bill Hicks.

18. Gas station purchase:

19. Meal:
Anything the wife makes.

20. Recent video part:
Jeff Stevens in A Happy Medium 2

21. Current am:
John Fitzgerald

22. Pro of all time:

23. Board graphic:
Sandoval’s Sistine Chapel.

24. Trip you've been on:
Fresh Till Death was super fun. Very sweaty. Minimal street. Lot’s of van time. I came home early for no good reason really but the trip was a laugh a minute, we got to skate Stevie’s TF and I enjoyed skating the demos.

25.Thing about skateboarding:
It’s the ‘ride away clean’ thing, that’s what it is.

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