Frontside rock ‘n’ roll
Photo: Aaron Smith

1. Warm up trick:
Switch shove-it

2. Way to start your day:
Iced coffee

3. Recent video part:
Ryan Lay in The Other Ones

4. Skate video of all time:
Video Days/Mouse/EE3

5. Thing about living with Mehring:

6. Place you've traveled to:

7. Person to travel with:
Mike Fox

8. Stereo teammate:
Gotta go with the team captain, Clint.

9. Pro as a kid:
Quim Cardona

10. Current pro:
Joey Pepper

11. Current am:
Jake Johnson but he just turned pro.

12. College memory:
Teepeeing Phi Beta Kappa’s front lawn. Fuckers!!

13. Thing to do in South Carolina when you're home:
Post up on porches.

14. Current jam:
“Bubble Sex” by The Seebach Band

15. Fred Gall story:
Love him. Too many.

16. Book:
A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson

17. Movie:

18. Quote:


Commodore Nachos

21. Thing to do in New York when you're not skating:
Hang Tuff

22. Jason Lee role:
A Visual Sound

23. YouTube sensation:

24. Song from a skate video:
Worldwide- Royal Flush (Keenan/Gino – Mouse)

25. Thing about skateboarding:
Riding in circles.

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