Frontside air
Photo: Tadashi Yamaoda

1. Warm up trick:
Ollies and carving.

2. DIY Spot:
All of them.

3. Guarte video memory:

All the legends who had cameos.

4. Craziest teammate:

There all crazy.

5. Current fashion statement:

Mediocre hygiene, and slight crust.

6. Place to travel to:

Hawaii. Never been.

7. Thing about Santa Cruz:

Saw Suicidal last night.

8. Current am:

Mike Curtis, Josh Borden.

9. Current pro:

Ron Whaley.

10. Band:

Buena Vista Social Club.

11. Book:
City of thieves.

12. Thing to do when you're not skating:


13. Person to travel with:

Omar Salazar.

14. Beer:


15. Movie:

The Godfather I II & III.

16. Thing to YouTube:

Eagle vs Wolf.

17. Quote:

I think therefor I am.

18. Skate shoe:

The Griz.

19. Non-skate website:

20. Thing to waste your money on:
Ninja stars.

21. Fave Celebrity:

Anthony Bourdain.

22. Song from a skate video:
You can’t bring me down. D-way, DC vid.

23. Skate video of all-time:

Too many, Mouse, Welcome to Hell, all TWS vids.

24. Thing to be asked at a demo:
Can I have your board?

25. Thing about skateboarding:
Its the fucking best thing!

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