Backside Noseblunt
Photo: Brian Shamanski

1. Go-To-Trick:
Backside lip

2. Warm up spot:
Any skatepark.

3. Current Location:
Camarillo, CA

4. Place to travel to:

5. Hometown:
Livermore, CA

6. Video part of all time:
John Cardiel in Sight Unseen.

7. Current set up:
Powell Peralta 8.25, ACE Trucks 44, Bones Swiss Bearings, Bones Wheels SPF 54mm

8. Band of all time:
Pink Floyd.

9. Things you do when not skating:
Guitar, Call of Duty

10. Last Meal:
TGIF…jack daniels burger.. I puked it up in the parking lot..

11. Movie Quote:
“60% of the time, it works every time”

12. Your car:
97 Honda Accord LX

13. Best contest you’ve skated:
Florida Bowlriders

14. Website (non skate):

15. Sketchiest pool story in a few sentences:
Got the cops called on us for trespassing, skating this pool out in the country. My buddy in the passenger seat was on felony probation, and lets just say I didn’t need my car getting searched. When they asked for his ID he said he’d never had a California driving license because he was kind of a loser. He changed his last name by one letter and his birthday by one year. The cops ran his name and the rest of our IDs and we all came up clean. Then they let us go.

16. Best trip in recent memory/ever:
I spent 3 months in Sweden this past summer. Best trip of my life, hands down.

17. Movie:

18. Current skate trend:
Being up to date on current skate trends.

19. Partner in Crime:

20. Worst Slam:
Jammed my right pelvis an inch higher than it was before..that sucked.

21. Favorite Youtube video:
Key and Peele – Substitute Teacher

22. Beverage:

23. Pro when you were a kid:
Bob Burnquist

24. Flatground trick:

25. iPhone app:

Brad’s Sponsors:
Powell Peralta
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