Frontside lipslide
Photo: John Bradford

1. Warm up trick:
Front pops for sure.

2. Skate video:
So many.

3. Skate video part:
Wieger’s Nike part was dope.

4. Band/musician:
Got to love them all.

5. Thing about Long Beach:
All the bros are out here.

6. Thing about Tehachapi:
Very mellow scene

7. Thing about getting your own place:
First time living by myself and damn it takes a lot, but yo it’s tight. Can’t complain.

8. Video part:
Future Nature

9. Childhood memory:
Growing up in Tehachapi skating with my lil’ bro Isaiah and the homie Brett.

10. Way to start the day:
Coffee an a spliff.

11. Way to end the day:
Hot shower and a spliff.

12. Couch to crash on:
My mom’s couch if anything.

13. Skatepark:
Skatepark of Tampa or Cherry Park

14. Actress/model:
Damn, IDK, so many bomb Bs that model an are hot AF.

15. Instagram tag:
#BooJohnson1 #AssGram

16. food/meal:
A Mexican meal always hits the spot

17. Quote:
“Shit why not….”

18. book:
Um, IDK dude.

19. Skate shop:
Pharmacy Boardshop, G. Come on.

20. Video game:
Not really into games like that playa.

21. Thing to do other than skate:
Kick it, cruise on the road bike and eat a shit load

22. beverage:

23. Skate web site:

24. non-skate, non-porn website:

25. Thing about skateboarding:
It’s a fuckin passion.

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