Day 3 of the 2017 Dew Tour Long Beach kicked off the Team Challenge event on Saturday, and it was an unbelievable day of competition.

The Team Challenge consists of nine of the best teams in the industry, with four skaters per team. Each skater competes in one of the four disciplines of Dew Tour: tech, rails, gaps and bowl.

It was a beautiful Saturday in Long Beach, California for the 2017 Dew Tour. Photo: Jon Perino

The scores at the end of each discipline for each competing team are added up, and the team with highest cumulative score wins the Team Challenge event.

The skaters were all frothing at the courses and team Blind was back to defend their Team Challenge title from 2016 … It was on.

Here’s how the afternoon unfolded:

Tech Section

Blind team rider TJ Rogers throws down during the Tech Section at the Dew Tour Team Challenge. Photo: Jon Perino

The tech section of the Team Challenge was all about progression in the ultra technical side of skateboarding. With plenty of ledges, a low flat rail, manual pads and a quarterpipe, the guys had no shortage of features to feed their technical imagination.

Leading the charge at the end of the tech section was TJ Rogers from team Blind with a total score of 89.6. Following just behind was Tom Asta from team Santa Cruz with an 86.4 and Matt Berger from team Flip with an 84.4.

With three more disciplines to go, the Team Challenge was far from over.

Rails Section

Plan B’s Chris Cole throwin’ it down in the rails section. Photo: Jon Perino

Next up was the rails section of the competition. Flat bars, kink rails and a nine-stair round rail were set up in stellar fashion for these skaters to jam.

Coming out the gate swinging was team Blind’s Micky Papa who nailed a score of 90.0. Just underneath Papa was Alec Majerus from team Flip with a 89.0 score, and it was team Foundation’s Cole Wilson taking the third spot with an 81.0.

At this point, it was looking like team Blind was back to take home the title once again. Next it was onto the Bowl.

Bowl Section

From team Santa Cruz, Erick Winkowski laying it down old school style in the bowl. Photo: Jon Perino

The bowl at this year’s Dew Tour Long Beach was unbelievable. The transitions and extensions were smooth and the skaters were chomping at the bit to get a piece of it.

However, it was team Santa Cruz’s Erick Winkowski’s old school style that took the lead early with a score of 90.2. Ever-so close behind was team Elements 17-year-old Tom Schaar with a 90.0, as well as Blind’s 16-year-old Trey Wood with an 81.0.

At this point, it was defending champions, team Blind with the lead going into the final section of the competition: the gap section.

Gaps Section

Darkstar’s Ryan Decenzo completely tore up the gap section. Photo: Jon Perino

With the Blind team in the lead, all eyes were on 18-year-old Yuto Horigome from Tokyo to bring the win home for the group.

The gaps section featured multiple sets of stairs, a gap over a rail, and a few gap-to-transitions. All the features were huge and the guys were ready to charge. A few of the guys even took it upon themselves to gap up and over the guard rails into the crowd.

After all was said and done, it was team Blind’s Yuto Horigome that didn’t disappoint his fellow team riders by bringing home the win in the gaps section with a massive score of 90.4.

Second on the list was team Flip’s Louie Lopez with a score of 80.8, followed by Blake Johnson from team Santa Cruz with a 65.2 total score.

Team Blind takes the win for the second year in a row

Team Blind takes the win at the 2017 Dew Tour Long Beach Team Challenge. Photo: Jon Perino

In the press conference following their win, Blind team manager Bill Weiss said of his team: “This is just how they skate every day.”

Here are the overall standings for the 2017 Dew Tour Long Beach Team Challenge:

1. Blind (Trey Wood, Micky Papa, TJ Rogers, Yuto Horigome)
2. Flip (Louie Lopez, Curren Caples, Alec Majerus, Matt Berger)
3. Santa Cruz (Dylan Williams, Tom Asta, Blake Johnson, Erick Winkowski)
4. Element (Tom Schaar, Nyjah Huston, Dominick Walker, Chris Colbourn)
5. Darkstar (Ke’chaud Johnson, Greg Lutzka, Dave Bachinsky, Ryan Decenzo)
6. Foundation (Nick Merlino, Cole Wilson, Corey Glick, Dylan Witkin)
7. Plan B (Ryan Sheckler, Chris Cole, Felipe Gustavo, Chris Joslin)
8. Birdhouse (Aaron Homoki, Ben Raybourn, Clive Dixon, Clint Walker)
9. Zero (Franky Villani, Tony Cervantes, Dane Burman, Tommy Sandoval)

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