"Skateboarding is more popular today than it has ever been. And with this comes the inevitable surge of people trying to make their quick buck off of those of us who don’t know any better. Know better.  Here are some of the faces that have been there to support what we love to do, not only before it was popular, but when it was still considered derelict. Hats off.
-Todd Jordan


Nike SB's newest ad campaign "Support Your Local" is just that. It's a glimpse into the everyday lives of skateshop owners and employees that have been supporting our program over the years. Last summer we sent photographer and Nike SB Pro Todd Jordan on the road with a bag of our Fall and Holiday apparel and asked him to capture some of our friends in the new gear. In conjunction with the "Support Your Local" campaign we are also launching our full apparel collection online. The "Support Your Local" campaign starts with Skate Lair and Uprise and will be updated every season with new shops.


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to see Todd's full photo gallery and the Fall and Holiday Nike SB apparel collections.