Sixty Seconds: Jamie Thomas

Jamie Thomas 60 Seconds

Last trick you learned?
Haven't learned any new tricks. I've just been relearning old tricks.

What would you do today if the world was going to end tomorrow?
I'd call everyone I could and tell them about Jesus. Then I'd call everyone I cared about and talk about how rad it's been. Then I'd skate the Zero park one last time. Then I'd go home and be with my wife and son.

What would the movie about your life be called?
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead.

Ever thought you were going to die?
About six years ago, we were having turbulence on a flight to Guatemala. The plane dropped like 25 feet, and the lights went out. I thought it was the end. It was just like a movie when the plane's going down.

What's the biggest problem with the skateboard industry?
Message boards full of anonymous hate.

If you weren't a pro skater?
I'd probably be chasing some other dream.

What is the greatest gift skateboarding has given you?
A vehicle for life.

What's the best thing you can learn from traveling?
The diversity of different cultures and customs.

Ever had a revelation after a gnarly slam?
In Dying To Live, I walked down a rail backward on a botched frontside boardslide. Compared to the slam I was expecting, it felt like a hand caught me. I felt a closeness to God.