At some point in your childhood, your mother or father (or Fire Marshall Bill) hopefully told you not to play with fire, which is generally good advice for people interested in self-preservation.

But apparently that life lesson was never shared with popular YouTube filmmaker Darren Dyk, as evidenced by a new mind-blowing video where he took a handful of skateboarders, lit their boards on fire and had them skate in the middle of a rainstorm.

Skateboarders on fire

Pyrotechnics and skateboarding tend to rate pretty low on life insurance actuarial tables. Why not combine them?

The video, titled “BURN 2,” brought skateboarders Christopher Chann, Mike Davis, Gabe McCoy, Blake Jossi and Merari Paz together in front of Dyk’s high-speed slow-motion camera, allowing viewers to see every little spark that flies from the flaming skateboards with each kickflip.

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“Heya! Dudes, I’m so excited about today’s video. Seriously it has been a LONG time in my idea book to get skateboarders doing crazy stuff on fire in the rain,” Dyk wrote in the YouTube description, explaining that “BURN 2” took a few years to put together.

“So here we are! I hope you guys enjoy. We poured our heart and souls into this one!”

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