On Tuesday, hundreds of skateboarders converged in San Francisco’s Mission Dolores Park for a day of hill bomb races down the street — something that is common on the steep streets of San Francisco.

However, it was not met with kindness by the San Francisco Police Department, and one very serious incident took place.

According to SF Gate, the police tried to break up the races and it caused tensions to escalate. Skaters were apparently throwing objects at the officers and two police cruisers were damaged.

Then an officer attempted to stop one skater going down the hill. While SF Gate was told by Police Officer Robert Rueca that “the cop and the skater actually just collided,” video evidence shows that there is room to debate that claim.

Warning: Graphic imagery and some explicit language in the following videos

It appears upon watching that footage that the cop leans his shoulder into the skater, causing him to violently fly off his board and into the hood of the police cruiser, then being flung onto the pavement.

An angle from the back shows just how hard the skater hit the car and the pavement.

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According to Metro Skateboarding’s Instagram post, the skater “suffered a broken ankle, torn tendon in his knee and a sprained finger.”

Officers eventually felt they had the situation under control around 9 p.m. and vacated the area, leaving the skaters to head down the hill freely. No arrests were reported.

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