Just a little photo recap of Saturday’s qualifying at the Tampa Pro 2012. Check back for more photos and video from this weekend’s contest.
Photos: Jaime Owens

Guess who’s in the house? No not Lil’ Wayne, fucking Mic-E Reyes!

Malto high-fives after a solid run.

Justin Brock slicing through the corner with a Smith grind.

Everyone was hyped to have Sheffey rolling around.

It’s hard to capture how awesome Plunkett is in photos. Sal flip to disaster on Freddy Galls board after breaking his.


Manderson and Eli Reed.

Ishod was on fire and he just learned this trick the day before and now has them on lock. Backside overcrooks through the corner.

The ladies love David.

Freddy skated with a six pack of beer for his run and threw them out to the crowd.

Grant was loving Freddy’s nosepick.

Skateboarder’s Christian Senrud and Nick Trapasso chatting up some classy chicks.

Skateboarder’s Roger Bagley always getting the shot.

Converse’s new Marketing Manager and good friend, Andy Henry Smith grinds like the best of them.

Ishod wouldn’t stop skating, even after the contest. Boneless over the little quarter.

I think it says “Barbie”?