Photos: Ben Karpinski
Interview: Christian Senrud

Introduce yourself a little bit, who you are, your sponsors, where you're from?
My name is Jose Pereyra and I’m originally from Ossining, NY. I ride for BLVD Skateboards, 2nd Nature Skate Shop, Bones Swiss Bearings, and Satori Movement. The homies at Venture Trucks, Converse, LRG, and Belief take care of me as well.

How do you pronounce your last name?
It’s pronounced Per-Rare-Ruh.

How did this video come about?
I don’t really know. It was an idea that just snowballed. I had a little bit of footage on deck and the brethren and I figured it’d be a good look to put it out to kinda hype up a future Am project. Plus I hate sitting on footage for too long. It just gets old to me. It will be good to get a fresh start and hopefully one up myself.

How do you feel about skateboarding's push towards web with exclusively online video parts, interviews and all that?
I think it’s cool. It’s a good way to get your stuff out to the masses. Especially with it being so hard to get stuff in mags or in full length videos. The bad thing about it is that a lot of stuff gets lost in the current with shit coming out on the daily.

Frontside flip

You've been skating with Danny and Rob since the Listen days. Has there been a big change since the switch to BLVD?
Hell yeah, those are my brothers! Everything has been the same for the most part. I was flow while Listen was doing its thing so it’s a blessing to be a lil’ more involved with the squad and all that. I wasn’t really trippin’ on the name change. The vibe and the fam are all that really matter. Listen was the shit though.

How did you end up in a music video with Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg?
Oh lord. Well, the Belief homies and I have a mutual friend that does casting for movies and music vids. They reached out and asked me to get another homie to roll with. Derrick Wilson was in there too.

Did your b-boy skills come in handy during the shoot?
Haha, nah. Definitely not.

Frontside crooked grind transfer

How was the experience with that video?
It was pretty fun. Food was aight. We pretty much ate, got zooted, and watched them film the whole time. They made us skate through some green smoke on the roughest ground ever. Damn their gravel. We did that for like 15 minutes and chilled the rest of the time. It was a quick two bills. What’s crazy is that the video birds get no more than 40 bucks and they don’t get paid until it airs. It was pretty tight. Didn’t get to meet Snoop. Whatevs.

What was your family life like growing up?
It was amazing! I got two brothers, one older, one younger. I was blessed to grow up with my whole fam. A lot of people don’t have that these days. We have a big family, but most of my aunts and cousins are in the Dominican Republic. I feel like it’s been so long since I’ve seen them. It’s a bummer but my family has been growing here in the LBC.

How long have you been living in Long Beach?
Almost 2 years now. I spent most of 2010 here and went back east for the holidays. The winter was the worst one since like ’05, which gave me even more motivation to get the hell out of there. I moved back out here right after New Years.

How do you like it?
I love it! I wanna spend the rest of my life here. Got the best homies, most amazing weather and I get to do what I’ve always wanted to do everyday. Got myself a lady and everything. Life is great in Cali!

Backside 180 nosegrind

How does it compare to living back home?
There’s a lot more going on here. A lot more opportunities. It’s easier to get into different lil’ projects or get together and do your own thing with very talented people. I’ve been super fortunate to be able to work with people that are the best at what they do. I didn’t really have that in NY.

What's the craziest thing you've ever seen happen in New York City?
I’m not sure whether this is crazy or just funny, but we were parked getting ready to break out to the next spot when this Beamer double parks right next to us. As soon as we’re all “What the fuck, b?!” the dude opens his door to get out and this biker smashes into it going Mach 10. Fool went flying. He was all right though. It was rad.

How about in Cali?
I knocked myself out one day, skating around with the brethren Neeno and Davis. Fully killed the vibe so we went back to Neen’s to bless one. Long story short, we roll back out and I seen him stack three of the most amazing clips I’ve ever seen! Wasn’t sure if I had woken up yet. That was pretty crazy.

Is there a big difference in lifestyles between the two coasts, or is it mainly just rougher ground back there?
Not really other than the fact that the weather out here is amazing and people are way more laid back and friendly here. NY is salty. I miss it though.

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