If this is your first introduction to Jason Park, then let us begin by telling you he is one of the most technical street skaters alive. Think Daewon Song combined with Richie Jackson.

Last year, Park tore both his ACL and MCL, keeping him off a board for quite awhile. He rehabbed on his home island of Oahu and when he was eventually ready to get back onto a skateboard, his good friend and filmer Hunter O’Shea came over and filmed for eight days. The result is this new “Oahu” edit the duo has just released.

It’s lo-fi and gritty and shows Park utilizing some of his favorite features to skate, like boulders, drainpipes and playground equipment.

While it’s far from Park’s top clips, it’s great to see him get back on his board like this, and hopefully we’ll start seeing his best again soon.

Jason Park performing his usual wizardry.

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