Amidst the recent London terror attack is a tragic and heroic story about Spanish skateboarder Ignacio Echeverria, who had been missing after the violence on Saturday. Echeverria’s family and the Spanish government confirmed today that he was killed in the attack.

According to The Telegraph, Echeverria, 39, was returning to his home in London after skateboarding when he encountered the attack at Borough Market. Reports say he witnessed a woman being stabbed by one of the terrorists and he ran to her aid, using his skateboard as a weapon.

In doing so, Echeverria was killed by one of the three terrorists, who murdered eight people (including Echeverria) at London Bridge. Echeverria’s death had not been confirmed until Wednesday.

The skateboarding world has since begun mourning Echeverria, who was a longtime skateboarder and worked at HSBC Bank in the money-laundering prevention division. Skateboarders from around the world took to Instagram to commemorate Echeverria and his brave act.

The Spanish government also issued a statement on the heroism that Echeverria displayed. As posted by The Telegraph:

“With deep sadness and dismay, the government has received confirmation from the British authorities that Ignacio Echeverría is among the fatal victims of the cruel terrorist attacks on London last Saturday.

“The government wishes to convey to his relatives and friends that they are not alone in their pain, and that, today, Spain is with them, sharing their feelings and desolation and joined with them in this terrible moment.

“The exemplary attitude shown by Ignacio Echeverría during the attacks is a demonstration of solidarity for all to see. His bravery in defending a helpless person serves as a reminder of the need to remain united before the scourge of terrorism, facing up to those whose only language is one of violence and terror. The government believes strongly that unity among democrats can overcome many challenges, including terrorist madness.”


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Echeverria ultimately gave his life trying to help others. Our thoughts and wishes go out to his family and friends. Rest in peace, Ignacio.

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