It’s always so amazing seeing the skate community come together for a great cause and this year’s Skate For A Cause hosted by our frienda over at the Sheckler Foundation for it’s third year running was all to benefit our other friends Crys Worley and Peter Karvonen and their A.Skate Foundation which uses skateboarding as a tool to open autistic children up to the world. Ryan Sheckler and his foundation (which includes Gretchen, Haley and Angelique) pulled off an amazing event filled with tons of games, prizes, food and good times for all the kids that came out to see some great skating. Check out the photos below and check back later for a full video recap.
Photos & Text: Jaime Owens

Tons of games and goodies for the kids.

Even cupcakes.

Cool photo opps.

The crowd gathered.

The legends bowl jam started the day off. Dave Hatckett is one of the raddest guys out there and recently beat cancer, so it was awesome to see him still out there ripping. Check the face.

Sergi Ventura was whipping around the bowl faster than anyone and making it look good.

Steve Olson checking out some of Jay Adams photos.

Bill Weiss took a gnarly slam earlier in the day but still threw out some McTwist attempts for the crowd.

Elisa Swan and Crys Worley from A.Skate were all smiles.

This little guy is Sasha. He’s Crys Worley’s son and the reason A.Skate was founded. He had just met Sheckler moments before but was more worried about being able to skate. So here he is getting some.

Alex Midler is a straight shredder and is always down to support every charity skate event there is.

Shecks was having fun all day.

And he was busting all day too. Backside 180 over the table.

San Clemente local and one of Shecks’ good friends, Tony Panici, noseblunt slides con un sombrero.

Tons of heads were out to support the cause. Sheffey, Craig, Cannon and Creager playing games of SKATE.

Shecks frontside alley-oop 360

Andrew Cannon, frontside bluntslide.

Shecks gap up to backside tailslide all the way off.

Jordan Hoffart broke out some tech gnar. Laser flip back lip craze.

Future rippers getting stoked on all the festivities.

Sheffey didn’t care who was in his way and still got this noseslide.

Kevin Romar is all butter. Nollie heelflip.


One last banger as time ran out. Shecks, euro-gap up to crooked grind.

At the end of the day, The Sheckler Foundation reached their goal of raising $50,000 for the A.Skate Foundation to help fund a 10 city tour to hold A.Skate clinics for autistic children around the country. What an amazing way to end the day.

Things got emotional.

Yep, a really good day.

click here to see video of the Skate For A Cause.