While the obvious choice should have been Big Red, Shaun White settles for Stride Gum as a new sponsor. Rumors of this deal have been percolating for months, and now it’s official. Shaun White adds the Kraft Food’s Ridiculously Long Lasting Gum to his ridiculously long list of sponsors.

Gary Osifichin, the marketing director of Stride, offered this about the new sponsorship, “Shaun is a long-time fan of Stride and embodies what the brand is all about: always on the cutting edge with the unexpected and groundbreaking. We are thrilled that Shaun will be representing Stride.”

Shaun is pretty “thrilled” about the new deal as well and said this in a PR piece, “When Stride approached me about partnering with the brand, I knew it would be a great fit and I am looking forward to working with them on some pretty exciting things.”

Planned for those “exciting things” are social media campaigns, giveaways, public relation events and a whole lot of chewing.

If Mr.White gets his own flavor, what do you think it should be named? Leave your best suggestions in the comment field.

To find out more about Stride, visit www.stridegum.com

To find out more about Shaun White visit here.