Our good friend and contributing photographer, Aaron Smith, went to Kansas City to start working on a full interview with Sean Malto so he hopped in the van with Ty Evans and drove out a few weeks back. Here’s a sneak peak at what went down. Chocolate’s own Stevie Perez came out and got some bangers too. Check back for our Sean Malto & Friends “Straight to the Internet” exclusive video this Friday.
Photos & captions: Aaron Smith

Malto grinding down a rickety rail in Columbia, MO

Stevie taking this 50-50 all the way down only to stick on the wood at the bottom. Worth it?

Malto warming up with a backside nosegrind in St. Louis.

The face of a winner.

Ty, Malto, Joseph, and Chris Roberts watching the slam Malto just took.

Sliced legs are no fun. Just ask Sean.

A friendly neighbor whose house overlooks the spot saw Sean go down and thought he would come out and lend a hand. He patched Sean up in no time.

You can't win them all.

Sean’s friend, Nick Mathews, back Smiths this rail with ease in Detroit.

Stevie warming up with a frontboard in Detroit's Harts Plaza.

Nick Mathews’ late night kickflip frontnose in Detroit.

Malto warming up with a fakie 5-0 fakie flip in Detroit. Shortly after taking a rough slam to his side putting him out for the rest of the trip. Ledges can be fun but they sure can bite.

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And check back on Friday for our exclusive Sean Malto and Friends video segment.