Photo via Mikey Taylor’s Instagram. Follow @mikey_tay1or

While official word has yet to be released, Rob Dyrdek made the announcement last night that he’s purchased Alien Workshop from Burton Snowboards. According to Shop-Eat-Surf, Rob grabbed the microphone from Alien Workshop Co-Founder Chris Carter and told everyone in attendance at the annual Zumiez 100k that the deed is all but done, that he is buying Alien Workshop, and all that needs to happen is papers to be signed and filed.

In 2008, Burton purchased DNA Distribution, which houses Alien Workshop, Habitat Skateboards and Footwear, and Reflex Bearings. What exactly this means for the brand or its sister companies remains to be seen. Are the other members of the Sovereign Sect included in the purchase? Is Rob the sole financial investor in the purchase? We have a few lines out to Carter and other parties involved, but as of yet, there has been no official announcement from either side. We’ll keep you informed.