On Sunday, TMZ reported that professional skateboarder Nyjah Huston is currently facing felony battery charges stemming from an incident on Feb. 12.

According to TMZ, the 22-year-old Huston allegedly got into an altercation with a man named Ryan Sheehy at a house party. TMZ is reporting that the Los Angeles County District Attorney claims that Huston caused “serious bodily harm” to Sheehy, leaving Sheehy with a broken nose and cheek gash.

Nyjah huston arrested nyjah huston battery nyjah huston lawsuit

Huston (seen here competing at X Games Oslo 2016) claims that he was acting in self-defense in the incident. Photo: Courtesy of Phil Ellsworth/ESPN Images

Huston was allegedly arrested on February 27 for the incident, and later pleaded not guilty to the charge in court. A representative for Huston told TMZ that the skateboarder was acting in self-defense during the incident in question.

“My actions were a result of someone acting in an aggressive manner towards me and solely defensive in nature,” Huston told the publication through his rep. “I have the utmost faith in the process and believe that I will be fully exonerated as the truth emerges.”

Nyjah huston arrested nyjah huston battery nyjah huston lawsuit

This isn’t Huston’s first time dealing with legal issues. Photo: Eric Lars Bakke/ESPN Images

This isn’t the first time Huston has run afoul of the law: Last year, Huston was given three years probation and ordered to complete 200 hours of community service after facing multiple criminal charges arising from frequent raucous parties at his house in Orange County, California.

Per TMZ, Huston could face four years in jail if convicted.

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