Rob “Sluggo” Boyce was one of the original guys within a small grouping of skateboarders who were attempting the 900 back in the 1990’s. We all know the story about how Tony Hawk eventually landed it first. Boyce himself didn’t really attempt it much after that. But he was the first to land a backflip on a skateboard, as well as a backflip to fakie on a ramp.

Sluggo also made a name for himself with his 2002 part in “RDS FSU” (set to a Backstreet Boys tune, which you can watch below), runs the company Red Dragons, is a stuntman, has been a longtime gymnast, is a legit breakdancer and a plethora of other things you can’t make up.

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On Friday at the Vans Skate Park Series qualifier in Vancouver, Canada (where Boyce is from) he put on a show during some practice runs. At 46, he threw down his infamous backflip to fakie and it looked as smooth as ever. We bet he’ll still be hucking these in his 50s!

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