Here’s some photos from the Los Angeles premiere of Pretty Sweet. The Girl/Chocolate family never let down when it comes to video productions and spare no cost to make them epic, memorable and timeless. There aren’t going to be many more big video premieres like this in the future so this was one to soak in and enjoy. Thanks to Meza, Carroll and Smyth for hooking up tickets to one epic night. And make sure to check out our new issue hitting newsstands next week with a PrettySweet feature.
Photos: Jaime Owens

The day started off with a little Andele bearings session with Ray Maldonado, Joey Brezinski, Carlos Ribiero, Pete Eldridge and more at the Gardena park. Straight to the Internet video edit coming soon.

Ronnie Creager, kickflip

Pete Eldridge, switch tailslide

Joey Brezinski, frontside bluntslide

Then on over to the big show in town.

Shimizu and Wieger

Bryce, Clint and Strubing

Justin Eldridge finally decided to come back from China.

Style kings Scotty J and Olson

The man himself, Mr MJ and Chelsey

Roger Bagley, Elijah Berle and his little brother

Finally made it in to check out the digs. Really nice. (you thought I was going to say Pretty Sweet didn’t you?)

Barbier, Dawes and Cliver. That’s a heavy line up right there.

Part of the masterminds of Girl/Chocolate skateboards, Megan Baltimore and Spike Jonze

Just so you know, it didn’t start at zero.

Now that is truly a heavy line-up. The entire Girl/Chocolate family. Respect.

Mic-E and Tommy

Jovontae and Greg Carroll

Big Brother/Jackass in the house. Kosick and Tremaine sandwich the legend of Bart Jones.

King Jackass himself, Mr. Knoxville and wife.

Hell yeah, we’re proud to have Raven Tershy on the cover or our new Dec/Jan issue. His part ruled.

Photos below: Aaron Smith

Malto and the KC crew repping the new mag.

Skateline’s Gary Rogers and Mikey Taylor

Sierra Fellers and Kevin Romar

Snoop D-O-Double-G DJ’d the afterparty. DJ is the key word there.

Mike Mo, Malto and Beebs

Anonymous casualty

Then Daryl Angel got beat up by security. It got kinda gnarly.

Looks like the security guard got popped pretty hard. And good night.