Words and Photos: Aaron Smith

Emerica had a little get together at the Bakerboys Training Facility for Bryan Herman’s new shoe. A bunch of homies came out to celebrate Bryan and to get educated about the shoe from Emerica’s shoe designer. Below are some photos from the night.

The Bakerboys Training Facility.

Tons of boards on the wall while Jamie Tancowny front feebles.

Shake Junt.

Cowtown’s Shane, Doughnut and Herman

Slash and Jamie Tancowny.

Skateboarder’s Nolan and Jamey. Nice KC pride Jamey!

Lots of free BBQ.

Pup trying to get in on the free food.

Mr. Weekend Buzz himself Rob Brink.


Emerica presentation with a video of Bryan talking about the new features of the G6.

Emerica’s Jeff Henderson talking about Bryan’s new shoe.

The foam on the inside of the shoe. This is going to feel amazing on your feet!

The close up. Lots of new technology in this shoe. It’s going to be a killer!

The bottom of the shoe.

Bryan showing off a fresh pair.

Media blits.

Bryan showing his pair he’s been skating in. Looks like it’s holding up great.

Bryan Herman, his new shoe and Jeff Henderson.

You can’t hang out at a skatepark and not skate. Homie frontside flip.

Switch tail 270.

Jamie Tancowny frontside 5-0 to fakie.

Jamie Tancowny closing out the sesh with a kickflip frontcrook to fakie. WOW!

Good party Emerica! You guys killed it!