The Van Doren Invitational Women’s contest went down yesterday in Huntington Beach during the Vans US Open. And it was awesome seeing the next generation of female rippers showing so much style and power with their skating. Keep your eyes peeled for these young ladies because they probably skate better than you. (they’re better than me for sure…shhhh) Anyways, I posted up in pretty much the same spot all day and snapped some pics and got sun burnt.

Amee Jay Papelera had some of the most stylish grinds of the day.

Hunter Long. Don’t worry about that front foot. She made this big air. *Note the yellow shirt guys face and how he’s filming and shooting at once.

Nicole Hause flying high.

Julz Lynn was pure aggression and speed.

Vanessa Torres styling out.

Lizzie Armanto

Nora Vasconcellos rips and so does her “sk8r boi” Daniel Vargas.

Allysha Bergado, boneless in your face.

Lizzie Armanto came up with the win and some cash.

Time for some guitar lessons.

Next up where the boys practice. Curren Caples, frontside air.

Pedro Barros, frontside shifty ollie

Patrick Ryan cut his long hair and grew two feet.

This was a few days before. Josh Borden, frontside tailgrab.

Daniel Vargas (the other half of the Nora Vasconcellos power couple) boneless.

Anthony Acosta demonstrates how NOT to shoot skate photos while Omar Hassan leins to tail.

Charlie Blair with a huge frontside alley-oop.