It doesn’t get much better than this. It was one of the raddest sessions I’ve had in a long time and it was all with just some of my long time friends back in my hometown of Florence, South Carolina. We’re all pushing 40 and started skating together over 25 years ago. The stars aligned this past week and we were able to have a session like the good ole days and it was fucking awesome. Nothing gnarly went down. Not one of us has ever been sponsored. And our old legs didn’t last too long but we had fun. Not much else to it. Just a little time traveling back to when we were 15 years old again skating Alan Brown’s mini-spine ramp just a few blocks away.

Evan Sellers is a badass. He built this ramp all by himself. True D.I.Y.

Florence legend, Eddie Bacon drove the six hour trip from his current home in Atlanta be a part of the session.

Just a small portion of our crew that could make to the ramp: Eddie Bacon, me, Lonnie Wise, Tru Filyaw and Evan Sellers.