Street League Skateboarding held its final event on Sunday, Oct. 2 at USC’s Galen Center in Los Angeles.

The coveted Super Crown trophy. Photo: Courtesy of SLS

The coveted Super Crown trophy. Photo: Courtesy of SLS

A number of the world’s top professional skateboarders battled it out for a chance at glory, a large cash purse and the title of Street League Super Crown World Champion.

In the Women’s division, it was a fierce battle that saw last year’s Champion Leticia Bufoni crushing the course and throwing big moves.

However, even Bufoni’s big bag of tricks wasn't enough to top the very inform Lacey Baker who was absolutely on fire.

With Leticia going for broke on her last trick and getting injured on a gap to frontside lipslide attempt, Baker held out for the SLS victory.

In the Men’s division, it was the normal cast of SLS heavy hitters including Shane O’Neill, Paul Rodriguez, Tom Asta, Chris Joslin and more.

The Men’s final was absolutely epic, with a virtually unbeatable Chris Joslin setting fire to the course and scoring two 9+ runs before the best trick was even underway.

The best trick was part savagery and part tech, Cody McEntire was throwing huge backside flips over the gap (with his signature toothpick in his mouth), clearing the landing and sending it into the flats.

Both the Canadian powerhouse Ryan Decenzo and past champion Nyjah Huston were gapping out from the wedge to rail, Nyjah nailing an absolutely insane kickflip to frontside boardslide over the large gap.

O’Neill and Paul Rodriguez were crushing it with technical rail and ledge tricks, like P-Rod’s nollie crooked nosegrind to nollie heelflip out.

In the end it was the technical wizardry of Shane O’Neill who laid down four 9’s including his switch bigflip to frontside boardslide, securing his place atop the leaderboard.

Joslin put in a solid effort and was clearly a crowd favorite, but after squandering a number of best trick attempts before finally landing a backside floater to fakie over the 16-foot quarterpipe to quarterpipe gap, Joslin just didn’t receive the points to overtake the always consistent O’Neill.

The young Australian has had an amazing season and will no doubt be back on tour next year to take another stab at an SLS title.

All of the competitors put it all on the line for what had to be one of the best displays of skateboarding, ever.

As the year was a screaming race to the final stop, 2017 promises to be even better. Until then, go outside and skate.

Men’s Finals:

1. Shane O’Neill
2. Nyjah Huston
3. Cody McEntire

Women’s Finals:

1. Lacey Baker
2. Leticia Bufoni
3. Alexis Sablone

Diamond Best Trick: Shane O’Neill

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