Nyjah Huston,16, continued his dominant season by becoming the youngest gold medalist in X Games Skateboard Street history. Huston defeated a stacked final including former record holder for youngest gold medalist, Ryan Sheckler.

Earning a silver medal in 2009 and 2010, Nyjah was determined to win gold. “It’s the best feeling ever and my best win ever,” said Huston. “After getting silver for the past two years it was a built up feeling that I wanted to get that gold–there’s a lot of pressure and if you’re nervous, it’s hard. But I mostly put pressure on myself and have a goal to win.”

Nyjah destroyed the difficult street coarse with impressive technical tricks, including a kickflip backside tailslide spinout and a huge hard flip off the rooftop.

Behind Huston was Brazilian Luan Oliveira represented for the group of Maloof skaters, earning himself a silver medal in Skateboard Street. Ryan Sheckler was the obvious crowd favorite, but struggled to land the tricks when it counted most. With one solid run under his belt, Sheckler failed to put together a big enough backup score for the win but enough to earn bronze.

Official Results
1. Nyjah Huston 91.66
2. Luan Oliveira 91,00
3. Ryan Sheckler 89.00
4. Chaz Ortiz 84,33
5. Ryan Decenzo 80.00