The Zizz, photo: Ely Phillips

Nick’s one of those people you can probably interview 100 times and get a great new story every time. Somehow he’s manage to float along from North Carolina to Florida to Vegas to Florida to California, all the while running into random trouble and ending up in precarious situations and never really letting them weigh him down. Debt collectors, drug dealers, biker dads, and more. I don’t know if he has a magnetic pull to those kinds of things, but he keeps finding his way into them, and lucky for us he’s willing to share them. So here’s a quick chat with Stacks and Super Brand’s new am Nick Zizzo, who we’ll hopefully be hearing a lot more from in the near and distant future. -Christian Senrud

Who are you, where are you from and who do you ride for?
I'm Nick. I'm 20 and from Fort Myers, Florida. I ride for Stacks, Super Brand, Etnies, Bliss Wheels, Pile Hardware, Cruizees, Pharmacy and Usko.

How'd you end up on Stacks?
It was actually through the Super Brand guys. Tony Larson, I asked him if he knew anyone I could get on because I didn't have a board sponsor at the time. He was like, "Oh, hell yeah. I can send that over to Michael [Leon, owner/art director at Stacks]." Around that same time I met my friend Compton from Long Beach, who's actually the guy who started Pile Hardware and he was interning for them at the same time too so he said he'd put in a good word for me too. I already knew Sebo and Adrian Adrid too, so they put in a good word. I guess just having a couple people kind of pushing it helped it work out.

Are you going to move in with Sebo now that you're teammates?
I don't think there's too much room in the van, but that'd be pretty sick. He's pretty much my neighbor anyway. He parks his car at Stoner all the time and I live pretty close to that, like three miles away. It's like a five minute skate because it's all downhill. He's got a really good set up there.

Nosegrind 180, photo: Ely Phillips

Being from Fort Myers how'd you end up in California?
It was really random. One night my parents were going to fly out to help her out and she talked them out of it. I was in the room with my parents and my dad was like, "Well I already got the flight, what do you want me to do?" And she just told him to give it to me since I wanted to move out anyways. So my parents asked me if I was ready to move out to California the next day. It was kind of a shocking thing. I flew out here then had all my shit mailed out and my sister and I got a place together and it all worked out. It's pretty sick.

Isn't your dad like a gnarly biker?
Yeah, he's fully tatted and all that. He's like the complete opposite of me. He's huge, scary as fuck, looks kind of like GG Allin sort of only way bigger. It's sick. If anyone fucks with my sister I can just show them a picture of my dad. My dad still scares the shit out of me and I've known him for 20 years.

You lived in Vegas too right?
Yeah, that was kind of a crazy situation. Right when I graduated high school, I moved out. It was actually me and 12 other people, like all my homies from Florida and this photographer from Atlanta. I drove my car out and my friends rented a van. We drove cross-country to LA and San Diego to skate and whatever. Me and my friend Aaron who I grew up with actually ended up staying at Black Box. It didn't work out really. It fizzled out pretty quick so I was kind of stuck out there. My friend I grew up with called me saying he heard I was in Carlsbad and I was like, "Yeah, I'm kind of sleeping in a tent on the beach right now." He told me to come stay with him, so I stayed there for a minute then went with him to Vegas where he lived until I figured my shit out. I met all the Pharmacy dudes out there and they helped me out and took me under their wing so I ended up staying there for a year or so.

So living in Vegas for a full year, how many strains of Hepatitis do you have?
None that I know of. There's definitely some sketchy shit going down there, I just tried to stay away from it. I stayed away from The Strip as much as possible. Being in Vegas, you're kind of prone to go there once or twice a week.

You take part in any high roller shit or penthouse coke parties or anything like that?
I actually went on a secret drug run to San Francisco the first week I was there and I didn't even know it. I was at a friend's house and this dude came up to me and said he and some people were going to San Francisco if I wanted to come. I'd never been to SF so I was down, so I hopped into this dude's truck and we drove out there. The whole time I thought we were just down to skate and I guess it wasn't really like that. We made it to some skatepark in Sacramento and I guess those dude's didn't really know I don't smoke weed and they'd gotten me a brownie from the weed store or whatever. I just thought it was a normal brownie because it was already open, so I ate like 3/4s of it and they were in shock that I ate that much. They were like, "Holy shit, you ate a lot of that." And I was like, "Yeah, I'm starving." They told me it was a weed brownie and I was like, "Oh shit." I was fucked out of my mind for the whole day, like 9 hours, and I woke up later on some farm two hours past SF. I just woke up to bags of weed being thrown into the truck. We went back and skated around the city. After that I tried to stay away from those people.

Frontside lipslide to frontside boardslide, photo: Ely Phillips

Are you working right now?
I work at a restaurant as a busser. It's pretty hectic. A lot of famous people go there. The day I started, Sean Penn came in and I was in shock. I think that's the second or third time I've ever been star struck. I was like, "Holy shit, that's Spicoli!" So I made sure to be the dude to give him the silverware and that shit. Then he asked one of the servers if anyone had a cigarette, so I got to give Spicoli a cigarette. That's pretty much it. I should've tried to charge him a hundred bucks or something, but I didn't. Actually the next day and he came in, not even to eat. He just came in and asked me to use my lighter. He just kind of chilled outside for two hours then left. It was weird.

Did you get a photo with him or anything?
No, you're not allowed to have your phone at work. I guess if you get caught with a phone, you get fired. It's crazy. They're just trying to keep it professional so the staff doesn't fan out and shit, which is funny because I'm not professional at all. I'm a pile of shit working at this super nice restaurant. The money's good, so it's cool.

What else you got coming up this year?

Super Brand is coming out with a video by the end of the year because we're doing a lot of trips. It's going to be all the footage from the trips. I'm not sure if people are going to have parts or whatever but they're really creative with their ideas so I'm sure it'll be cool. Then Stacks is trying to make a video too, so I'm filming an intro video for them too.

Noseslide pop over. Photo: Ely Phillips