New video shows Bam Margera is back on a skateboard and sober

After five years off a skateboard, Bam Margera is skating everyday in Spain.

Bam Margera was a figure who transcended skateboarding itself. One could argue that he was a major reason for the popularity of skateboarding in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Starring in a plethora of shows on MTV and earning an endless stream of cash, Margera eventually succumbed to the celebrity lifestyle, while skateboarding took a major backseat. Eventually, Margera was dealing with a serious drinking problem and didn’t touch a skateboard for five years.

Last year he sought treatment on the VH1 show “Family Therapy” and rumors began swirling that he was back on a skateboard. A few photos began popping up on his Instagram and on March 13 Jenkem published an interview and a short clip of Margera skating a mini ramp.

In the interview, Jenkem finds out that Margera is in fact sober and is living in Spain, back to skateboarding everyday.

Margera says, “In Barcelona I wake up and my mission is to skate all day. I know being in Spain is the best place for me right now to not drink.”

In order to skate again, Margera had to lose 30 pounds, which he accomplished with an intense cardio workout everyday until he got to a more comfortable weight. On top of that, he’s had to relearn the majority of what he used to be able to do on a skateboard.

“I got so caught up with the fame and bullshit, it was just easier to drink for a long time,” he said. “So, that’s what I did. I partied with rock stars and now I’m paying for it.”

Check out the full interview with Bam Margera here, and hopefully there’s more footage to come in the future.