Downhill skateboarding in Norway

Ishtar Bäcklund’s message of following your dreams, which has struck a chord online, showcases the natural beauty of Norway.

When downhill skateboarder and freelance artist Ishtar Bäcklund moved away from Sweden after high school, she dreamed of finding a way to turn her passions into her livelihood and her dreams into a way to see the world. In a new video released yesterday of Bäcklund and her friends bombing down the pristine, winding hills of Norway to the backing of Swedish rock band Tussilago, Bäcklund seems to have made that dream a reality:

The video, directed by Maceo Frost, is titled “Ishtar X Tussilago” and features Bäcklund and her friends Caroline Boström, Kim Hansson, Sammy Hasselberg and Sander Hasselberg tearing down Norwegian hills as Bäcklund muses about the value of chasing your dreams.

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The cinematography is flawless, but perhaps even more notable is just how hard these five girls skate. These remote hills are absolutely massive and one small error means almost certain injury, as showcased by the clip beginning with Bäcklund dislocating her shoulder.

And Bäcklund, who describes herself as a nomad, artist and skateboarder and says she’s been “living on the road and spreading stoke” over the past few years, seems to have struck a chord with her message of following your dreams: the video already has more than 35,000 views and was chosen as a Vimeo Staff Pick.

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